Features of the escort

Tuesday Apr 11, 2023

Escort of wealthy people to events. Girls have invited as expensive jewelry for clients. For these purposes, well-groomed girls of different types and ages are selected.

Escort features

Escort work suits relaxed, young women. There are many advantages, but to succeed, you will have to study the features and subtleties of the craft. The pioneers of the escort in Russia were modeling agencies and producers of pop groups. The leaders helped the beauties earn extra money by keeping the company of men at VIP parties. It is prestigious for a businessman to appear in the world under the arm with a refined nature. Thanks to this, organizations began to engage professionally in providing such services.

There were two directions of escort:

  • internal (local) – work in the territory of a particular state;
  • external (exit) – trips abroad with the performance of the functions prescribed in the contract.

Each option has its features and benefits. For example, the local best escort service escort Frankfurt allows everyone to enjoy high-quality service, enjoy chatting with beautiful girls, providing the best escort for themselves without much effort and cost. High-quality escort service is constantly evolving to provide only the best service for their clients, allowing them to forget about everyday problems and worries and fully enjoy communication and light romance.

Escort agency employee

Employers do not force girls to go beyond escort. If two adults decide to cross the line for personal interests, then developing a relationship is not prohibited. Such cooperation outcomes are not regulated by the agency and are considered personal.

Only a few people get into the VIP escort. Institutions, taking care of the image, set strict requirements:

  • a slim body;
  • proper facial features;
  • clean, without rashes skin;
  • well-groomed nails;
  • shiny hair.

Natural beauty is valued. Regular workouts in the fitness room help to maintain a toned figure. Getting a well-groomed look is easy in beauty salons.

Each girl in an escort should have a high manner of speech, a good upbringing, and behave with restraint, but no less coquettish, to interest a man in her society, give him only the most pleasant and vivid emotions so that he wants to return.

Escorts must constantly work on themselves. Girls try hard to deliver absolute pleasure and provide significant opportunities for further communication and conversation. Each escort girl has her advantages and characteristics, so you need to get to know each one to appreciate all her advantages and privileges of such a service.

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